We are always looking for opportunities to create an attractive offer for you. Therefore check this page regularly for last minute offers and tips for cheap flights that you can book yourself.

Ryanair has cheap direct flights to Sicily from London Standsted and Dublin to Palermo and Cosimo and from Manchester to Trapani. More information on Ryanair flights can be found on the Ryanair website. The last update on the offers took place on: 22nd of August.

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Rental price from €450,-- for €349,-- per week 


*) These prices are applicable for 2 persons. For extra persons we charge an additional fee of €25,-- per week per person.

**) Due to the late arrival in Trapani we recommend to book a B&B or hotel in the Trapani area for the first night.

These areonlya few examplesfrom the wide rangeof offers. Did you find a cheap flight in another period then please contact us for an attractive rental price for the house.